VIDEO: The cows in Italy wear cowbells!!

While riding through the mountains on July 18, I heard a odd clanging off bells in the distance.  As I turned a corner, I saw a single cow in the road with his herd of friends in the field behind.  I wasn’t sure if he’d just let me pass, but there really was no choice, so I slowly rolled by, realizing that he could care less about my presence there.

After passing, I pulled over to take some shots, enjoying the peaceful sound of the cowbells as they roamed around.

There was no one around … for miles!  (kilometers?)  I guess the bells make it easier for the owners to find the herd as they wander all over the mountains… since there are no fences!



That’s when I noticed this guy!   A whole herd of cattle, alone in the mountains, except for their collie watching over them.  He did a good job too, coming over to me and gently letting me know that I’ve spent enough time stalking his herd and that it was time to move on.  Good boy!



Enjoy the video of the Italians cows!

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