Training for a fun weekend!

Today was the first time I rode with Toby on a pretty scary road.  Pleasant’s Valley Road is no joke.  Cars come zipping down and there is practically no shoulder for most of the way.  So, today was a big day as I took Toby down the leg that we’ll be riding on our big weekend trip coming up at the end of this month.

In just a few weeks, I will load Kip up with everything we need for a weekend getaway.  Our destination:  Napa Bothe State Park.  Just about 50 miles and 1 mountain away is a beautiful state park that is remarkably empty this time of year… and cheap — when you bike in, the site is only $6/night.  Deal!

There’s only one thing left…  the mountain.  Gotta do a ride that tests my ability to climb up a mountain with 40 pounds of Toby behind me.  So, in a few days we will tackle Wykoff, one of the steep climbs around our ‘hood.  

Biking is so much fun!!

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