THE BEST GLAZE IN THE WORLD! (Balsamic and Brown Sugar Glaze)

** This keeps really well in the fridge, FYI **

Your ingredients:  2 cups balsamic, 1/2 cup brown sugar

Your tools:  small pot, whisk, spoon

Your ratio:  4:1 balsamic to sugar

How to do it:  Take your pot and add the 2 cups of balsamic and 1/2 cup of brown sugar.  Place pot over stove (between medium high and high heat).  Bring to boil, whisking the entire time.  Drop to a simmer and keep stirring regularly until it begins to stick to a spoon.  This will thicken as it cools, so remove from heat before it’s overly thick.

Where to use it:  Roasted veggies, steak (with goat cheese), salmon – and a ton of other uses.


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