Swim Drills 0-1650 Week 3

You might be wondering why we are at Week 3 still.  During week 2 of the training, I started dry land workouts, mostly lifting weights.  Since I’ve never really done any of that before, I have been having a lot of soreness.  A lot.  Some days I could barely move my arms, and others I could barely squat on the toilet (TMI?).  This is getting better, but I focused on recovery and adapting to the new stress that I am putting on my body, so in an effort to help my body adapt, I’ve been backing off my time in the pool.  This week I am back, balancing 4 days of swimming with 3 days of hard workouts.

My week now looks like this:  M Th Fundie Drills, T Fr 0-1650 drills

WEEK three:
400 yards…rest for 12 breaths
200 yards…rest for 10 breaths
4 x 100 yards…rest for 8 breaths
between 100s
4 x 50 yards…rest for 4 breaths 
between 50s
total: 1200 yards

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