Ride #14 up Wykoff! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?

Today was a short ride, but it was a tough one!  Toby is getting very comfortable in the Toby-Trailer, of course–who wouldn’t love being hauled around in a chariot?  Yesterday, we went up Pleasant’s Valley Rd, which is a pretty busy road and I wanted to see how T would react — he was fine.  So, naturally, the next thing to tackle is hills.  There’s a pretty steep hill right around the corner from us, so that was our plan for today:  Wykoff Rd.  I’ve ridden Wykoff before, sans Toby, and I remember what a B it was – so I wasn’t excited at the prospect of pulling a 45 lb dog behind me.  But, if anyone can handle it, Kip can.  So, climbing we went.  At one point, the degree of elevation is 20 percent.  This hill was tough.  The hardest part was dealing with Toby’s face at the top of the hill, as I’m huffing and puffing and he’s looking at me with that “is that all you got?” expression.   You’re killing me, dog.  So, we flew down the hill, around the block and went at it again.  Two loops is all I had in me…. you know, because of time.  I have to teach lessons, so I can’t keep looping… right… that’s the reason why.

Any way you look at it, I’m celebrating our first big climb.   Hills are never easy, but they do get easier the more you do them.  So, I am looking forward to the day that hills with T feel as easy as they did without him….  that’s how we know we are getting stronger, because things start getting easier.

As we continue MS Awareness Month, I can’t help but think of all the difficult days that my friends and family with MS have from time to time.  Just like these steep hills that we push ourselves to climb, every day will get easier.  Some days you’ll fly up the hill and some days it will be a struggle.  I challenge you to imagine Toby’s face on your toughest days.  No matter how hard you are working, how much you think you can’t make it up the hill, one glance back at Toby is all it takes for you to ask yourself “Is that all you got?” because I’m sure the answer is no.  That is not all you got.

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