Well, I guess this is why this is called an adventure.

Tomorrow I fly home, hopefully with my bike Kip.  A couple of things happened today.  First, when I messaged the bike shop in Naples that was going to provide a box for me, they replied that they had no boxes but they would see what the day would bring.  Awesome.  Then, while biking with a friend around Sorrento (more about this later), she hooked me up with a bike shop here in town that would box up my bike for me.  Problem is the bus service that provides transportation to the airport won’t take a bike box because there is not enough room on the bus.

So, that leaves me to ride my bike to Naples tomorrow, get to the bike shop when they open at 9am and see what happens.

I have no clue what is in store and if you know me, I love to plan every detail.  I don’t like not knowing what will happen.  If they have no box, then I will have to ride to the airport and see if I can figure something out to get Kip on the plane.  Chances are I will not be able to wheel him up to the desk and say, here ya go!  Even if that did work he probably wouldn’t come home in one piece.

This is nerve-wracking, I won’t sleep a wink tonight!  This is why I contacted that bike shop a month ago — to avoid situations like this.  I just want to be sitting in my tiny cramped seat, on my way back to San Francisco.  Actually, I want to be home…. with Toby.  I have one more adventure left and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that everything works out the way it should.

Tomorrow night, I have a 14 hour layover in Turkey.  14 HOURS.  Maybe then I’ll update ya’ll with some blogs.


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