Joining a bike club!

That’s it, I am taking the plunge. I am going 100% in and joining a bike club!


The Davis Bike Club is just down the street from us and is an awesome group of riders.  I’m going on my first ride this weekend to check them out and see what I think.  They have rides just about every day of the week and are very active in the community.

I see this as a chance to have a group to ride with regularly and get tips to help me train from people that have been doing this a long time.  I am sure I’ll meet some people that are also doing the Bike MS Waves to Wine ride and look forward to networking with a new group of people!

More to come on this!!!

This weekend I am doing to Sunday morning No Drop ride.   It’s a 35 mile moderate paced ride to Winters via County Road 29 and Buckeye Road. Coffee break at Steady Eddy’s, then back to Davis via Putah Creek Road and the Russell bike path.