How’d the audition go?

Well, when I woke up this morning in the hotel, the thought crossed my mind of ditching this whole audition process and enjoying my time here. I’ve never been here before and there are tons of things to do, plus I am rolling around in a 2010 Mustang Convertible! My thought was “I am probably not going to make it anyways, I am not prepared”. Man, I am glad I talked myself out of THAT mindset!

I went. and I kicked ass!

It was a long day, and I was trying to balance myself and not overplay like everyone else was doing. I just kinda sat and entertained my own thoughts. I was the last one on the schedule so that meant a lot of sitting around. When it was my turn, I went in and did the best I could. Played the excerpts, read the sightreading, hacked through the scales and then came back in the afternoon for the jazz part.

Then, they offered me the gig.

Today was a good day.

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