Honors Band Rehearsal Clips

Here are the sound clips from last night’s rehearsal.

Please feel free to post your CONSTRUCTIVE comments and share your thoughts. We are not interested in this was good and this was bad (that’s evaluation) … we want OBSERVATION. “When the trumpets played the octave slurs it was smooth, however, their sounds were very forced when they played loud” is more helpful than “trumpets done good.” Just click on the speech bubble above for the comments section.

Sometimes I don’t hear everything that happens in rehearsal because a lot of thoughts are going through my mind (believe it or not). So, these recordings will allow me to listen to our rehearsals and make a list of things that I would like us to improve upon. I invite you (students) to do the same. Your suggestions are ALWAYS welcome! See you on Monday!

#2 Chromatic Resonance Exercise

Salvation is Created
Beginning to m37
m37 to m74
m72 to m79 * Garza’s CHORD visual
m79 to m110
m79 to End

One comment

  • lisa

    In the first salvation clip(beginning to 87), I loved the tone of the trombones. The trumpets were blending pretty well, and the clarinets were blending well with each other and the trumpets. the only bad thing was something little. One of the clarinets sounded like they were pushing their sound too far. It was probably so they could be heard, but you have no problem hearing them. Don’t give up good sound for volume. (I do it too). Also Flutes should play with more confidence on their entrances and move together. These are nit picky things, but overall I think we are going to sound great when we get the little stuff taken care of!!!