DOR 3 – 56 MILES


My dang Garmin messed up and would import all of my information today.  It says 56 miles but doesn’t have all my elevation and stats.  I hate when that happens!

Today was another good day.  Thunderstorms were threatening again so my group got an early start.  I had the pleasure of riding with several groups today, since we started having some major hills we are all showing our strengths and weaknesses and settling to our friends with the same pace as us.

Frequent stops today as it was super hot and 100% muggy after the rain last night.

I ate and ate and ate.  Breakfast then 2 peanut butter and banana tacos (rest stop 1), then a BLT (random grocery store) then a chili dog (rest stop 2) then a provided Mexican dinner and finally half of a 16 in pizza and a small salad when I went to dinner with Kip tonight.   Holy crap I am always hungry!!!

Tomorrow is our big climb day as we enter the Appalachian mountains.  Lots of people are worried but we will get through it.


Yikes!  60 miles tomorrow with a lot of climbing. Gonna be a tough day.

So, it’s bed time now.  Can’t wait to see how tomorrow turns out!  Love you all!