DOR 12

Day of Riding 12 takes us to Booneville, KY.  It was another 70ish mile day, this time making it to a town with less people than my parents neighborhood in Texas. 

Our accommodations for the evening:  essentially the backyard of a local church.   Really nice of them to welcome cyclists on our way through town, they offer a cold af shower (actually feels good) and a pavilion to hang our hammocks.  I’m so glad I got the bug net with my eno.  I’m sleeping in the hammock at every opportunity.

Last night we were in a dry county, today they actually have alcohol at the family Dollar down the street, but since it’s sunday, they won’t let us have any. We’ve tried.  Every angle.   Not happening.

Some of our cyclists even tried tinder matching for beer….  now we are contemplating going door to door to buy booze from fridges.

Oh well, we are going to enjoy the hot dogs and hamburgers our route leaders are cooking us to celebrate route leader Mike’s birthday.  Oh, and there is cake too!


How could I forget?   I rescued a turtle today from the road.  We see a lot of road kill as we pedal hundreds of miles….  when I see something alive, I like to save it.  So, I took Trannsy the turtle (because Tranny just didn’t sound right)  to our rest stop and Kip helped me “relocate” him to the river.


Also, this guy came to say hello.   Our team invented a new instagram hashtag, #dogsoftransamstagram