Day 7

Living Your Best Life | Week 1 | Day 7

Congratulations! This is AMAZING!

You’ve completed your first seven days of Living Your Best Life!

Throughout this past week, you’ve invested in probably THE most important thing. That thing is YOU.

This week has been defining what you want, envisioning success and creating a path to get there. The purpose of this week was to connect to things you could see, feel, taste, and verbalize.

It’s you that has propelled yourself forward so act on this momentum by pushing ahead.

Take a moment to pause and say “Thank You” to yourself for completing this first week.

Day 7 Challenge:

As this first week comes to a close, how do you feel?  What have you learned about yourself during these past lessons?

This might be your hardest challenge yet.

  • Write down 5 things that have happened to you over these past 7 days that are tangible.
  • Share the changes over social media with the hashtag #TisForTransformation.

I want you to share this on social media because you need to live like you are transforming your life not just talk about doing it within the walls of this course.

Day 7 Exercise:

Rest day. If today is one of those days that you feel inspired to move, go on a walk and take time to reflect on your accomplishments as you prepare for a brand new week.