Day 58/28 – to Carson City, NV

So, it’s August 3 and the ride is over but I realized I neglected to blog the last few days….  ya know, too much time with friends and being sad about the trip ending.  So here we go….. time to play catch up

What I remember most about our ride to Carson City is not the ride itself, but the post-ride shenanigans.  Only this time, it wasn’t shenanigans, I had a great evening with Debbie!   It was extremely hot when we arrived at the campsite.  I set up my tent and took a shower and then was hanging out at the office with Debbie when she said she was gonna go to the museum to see about a patch.  She’s been collecting patches throughout the ride and sewing them onto her bike bag and had quite the collection going!

I was looking for a sticker that said I survived Hwy 50 so off we went to see the store.  This was the first time Debbie took her bike out after a day of riding for a recreational ride.  AND it was the first time Debbie and I rode together.  We ended up going to five different tourist spots/stores to try to find what we need…. in the end, Debbie found her patch and she GAVE me a sticker she found a few days earlier.  She is so sweet!!   We stopped for dinner #1 at a place that was recommended to her the day before and had some wine and salads…  a great time.  LOVED getting to know Debbie.  When we got back to camp, we grabbed a few riders and went to one more store before meeting the gang for Pho…..    Another great day on the road!!