Day 55/25 – to Austin, NV

I’m really excited to sleep in my hammock tonight.   The stars are going to be amazing.

I am feeling much better today and the ride was great.  The first 40 miles were pretty much all downhill, then the climbing started … and it was brutal.  Long, steepish and HOT!  But that’s the same as every other day.  The entire time I was thinking of what I am doing right now, laying in my hammock and chilling.

Actually, the first thing I did upon arriving at camp tonight was set up my hammock and take a nap.  I woke up after about an hour to a sonic boom from a jet fighter from Fallon Air Station, about 100 miles away.  So, then I showered and went off to dinner with a few teammates.  

The highlight of my day, however, was waking up and watching Toby on the All Day Play camera and then getting to camp and watching him again.  It just fills my heart!  He’s doing so well there, now he’s jumping on the toys and playing with the other dogs and trainers.  I just love him so much, can’t wait to see him!!!  

Tomorrow is FROM, or fake prom, a transam tradition.   We put together an outfit from thrift stores and go out to a bar for a night of fun.  But first, a 60+ mile bike ride!