Day 52/22 – to Baker, NV

So, I’m going back in time now and writing these posts from a few days later, so I’m forgetting a lot of the details of the ride.  But, since all of the days in Nevada have been the same, I’m guessing there’s not much to say about our rides.  We ride over a mountain, across a plain, and then over another mountain.  Really, that’s all US 50, the loneliest road in America is all about.  Not a lot of town, not many services, but there are a lot of cars.  So, we’ll ride up and over mountains every 20 miles or so, climbing and descending, followed by a few miles of boring flat…  often with some crazy wind.  OH HOW FUN!

But seriously, the real fun happens when we get to camp.  Tonight we are staying at the Whispering Elms campsite.  On the way out of Baker, NV, we stopped at a diner for breakfast, Penny’s Diner, and told our waitress we were headed to Baker.  She said that we MUST stop at the Whispering Elms because her brother owns it and they have a bar there with the best margaritas.  I think my eyes lit up.  There was my motivation to ride.

So, upon arrival, I was practically drooling for my margarita.  Took a quick shower and was ready to take my place at the bar, when someone said those dreaded words, “They don’t open until four”.  Thankfully we had some beers in the coolers and I pre-gamed with some Bud Lite Lime, my new favorite post-ride refreshment.

Bar opens.  Mike and I are the first ones in.  Waitress is great, a little slow but not the maker of the best margaritas like the waitress said.  That would be her sister in law and she doesn’t this night.  Just my luck.  Doesn’t matter, the margaritas are delicious and only like $6 so let’s do this.  I had no intention of leaving that bar until the sun went down.  So, we left the bar, but just for a second to find some food.  We walked down the street to the only other place in town and met a guy that was traveling through.  It was cheaper for him to buy a six pack of corona rather than just 2, so he gave us the extra three.  Awesome!  We got our food, headed back to the bar to enjoy a night of margaritas, pool, and great times with the team.  I am so loving this trip.