Day 51/21- to Milford, UT

Today is mail drop day!

Which way to go?

But first, the ride.  Easy.  58 miles to a small little town.  Pretty flat roads, a little bit of climbing and after about 1000 feet of ups, there is a sign that says Summit 7500 (or so) feet.  We found that hilarious because usually summit signs come at the end of a loooooong day of climbing and torture and pain.  But, today, nope.  We were rewarded with a nice long descent into our final rest stop and then an easy ride to Milford.  But, it was MAIL DAY!
Here are a few excerpts from the wonderful cards I received:

“You’ve always approached life and everyone in it with a big smile and an open heart”

“Don’t change who you are – being yourself is the most beautiful thing!”

“You made it this far sweetie, congrats on being fucking amazing!”

“God must have met a unicorn the day he created you (because you are as rare as a unicorn!)”

“Enjoy the last leg of this worthy adventure.  Wishing all the best to you and all the riders on the trip.  Stay  safe.”

“Must be tough to be riding with the wind hitting you and all the climbing you do but just seeing the beautiful country and all the new friends you make along the way is worth it.”

Feeling so much love out here in Milford, UT today.  Gonna enjoy the chocolate, nuts, bacon-infused bourbon (do I have the best friends??) and metro skin care essentials (What!  Who knows me!?) and think of all my friends and family.  MUCHO LOVE!  Onward we ride tomorrow into the great boring state of Nevada!!  (I’m sure it will be great)