Day 5

Living Your Best Life | Week 1 | Day 5

How will you achieve lasting results?  What is balance to you?  What is your 85/15?
Do you feel yourself changing already?  How does it feel?

You’re focused, you’re committed, and because of that success is inevitable. To ensure a successful transformation and keep your sanity, remember the 85/15 rule. Balance is key to making sure you have the results you want and create long-term results.

Day 5 Challenge:

What is balance to you?

What is your 85/15? place?

If you’re not living this way… what do you need to change in order to get there?

Day 5 Exercise:

INSANITY: Cardio Power & Resistance

During today’s workout, you will be stronger and more powerful than any workout you’ve done so far in this challenge.


You already know, I’m here to help you keep living your best life in to this upcoming weekend!