Day 47/18 – to Cainesville!

We woke up in Hite Recreation Area this morning…. Probably the best night of sleep so far!  There’s not much to Hite, but I slept in my tent, under the stars and it was lovely.  A nice warm breeze through out the night made for some “baller” sleeping.

The ride itself to Caineville was not bad.  Relatively flat, our biggest contender for the day was wind.  We were still dealing with lack of services for most of the day but since we roll with our own support team, everything worked out perfectly. 

Caineville itself is a tiny town.  Pretty much just the hotel we slept in and that is it.  Yes, I said hotel.  Thanks to the lack of services around, there is really no where else for us to stay, so we got hotel rooms.  As a bonus, the team ordered pizza for us.  So here we are, all sitting around the lobby eating pizza.   Dinner #2 for me….  I actually ate a pot pie earlier 🙂

Tomorrow, we climb!