Day 30


You did it! Congratulations on becoming a graduate of Living Your Best Life, your 30 day transformation!

I want you to embrace and internalize this feeling that you have done it. Celebrate for a second but remember perfection is temporary but change is constant.

Begin to think about what’s next for you. Take advantage of all of the positive momentum and energy behind completing this course.

Trust and believe in who you are and dig deeper every single day. Come back and revisit these lessons as an opportunity for you to improve and be better. There are more challenges and more successes on your journey ahead and this course will only help you continue to conquer and overcome.

Day 30 Challenge:

Take an after picture to celebrate your success. Do not look at your before picture to compare your shape, size or weight. Look at it and commend yourself for what you have done and so that you can believe in you. You have done this for yourself. You have become stronger and more powerful than you were before. You are amazing! Today, we celebrate YOU!

Workout Challenge:

SHAUN WEEK: Ripsanity

Although this Living Your Best Life course has come to an end, what hasn’t is your journey. This isn’t where it ends and you have to figure out “what to do next” because what we know is, the key to your ongoing success in your quest for mental and physical fitness is not just a video I create or a friend that you make as a result of this challenge. The key component to your journey is to do it with others who are on a similar path.

With support, motivation, tools and a plan, your transformation to a stronger you inside and out is inevitable.