Day 1, short and sweet

I can’t believe it’s finally here.  I’m riding my bike.. in Italy!

I’ll start with something I learned.  It was suggested to me that all I really need to know is how to ask for the bathroom.  Dové il bagno?  But the problem with that is they will tell you where the bathroom is….. In Italian.  And if it’s not over there “qui” they will give you instructions which you won’t be able to follow if all you know in Italian is “dové il bagno” and “una birra per favor”.  Note to self:  Learn Italian!!  

Today was fabulous.  The flight was great.  There were no screaming babies.  And that, to me, is a great flight.  I had one of those “extra” seats that didn’t have a seat in front of it.  And it was wonderful.  I don’t care that we left 90 mins late and arrived 40 minutes late.  All I wanted was for Kip to arrive on time and undamaged.  And that’s exactly what I got.

I found a quiet corner in baggage claim to put him together and started my adventure.  The Rome airport, Fiumicino, was a traffic nightmare.  I’ve been in crazy traffic before but not like this.  I’m not sure what the rules are but I’m pretty sure no one follows them.  But the crazy thing is that they seem more alert and attentive than American drivers.  I think with all the scooters and bikes zipping around they have to pay attention.  Here is one of the crazy mergers that I found myself in today:

Not sure how I got through that one alive.  

But after leaving the airport I found myself on some very quiet country roads.  But also some crazy busy city roads.  I’m sure tomorrow, my first full day will be up and down, with elevation and with busy vs quiet roads.  Speaking of elevation, I have 5000 feet tomorrow with a full load.  Slow and steady is all I can say.

After watching these kids drink from this water spout I felt brave enough to fill up my water bottle.  

Then I passed some sort of military zone.  I wondered if there was a military band back there somewhere.  Probably not.

Then I met my first dog

And my first cat

Then I arrived at my destination and one of the house cats inspected my pannier bags

Now….. Dinner.

I’m navigating the language thanks to Google translate.  I even asked some locals where I should go… So here I am.  

Tomorrow… Is…. Gonna… Be… AWESOME!

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