CYO Band is on a roll

Camp is over! Drill is done!

Monday night was the first official run through of the CYO Band Summer Bandshell Show: Broadway Music in Motion! WOW! The kids are really moving on this one! over 60 sets of marching formations, and almost 700 steps of movement!! Last year, we had about 400 steps of movement and almost 300 counts of holds (in place) … this year, we don’t even have 200 counts of holds!! The kids are doing a FANTASTIC job with the marching and it’s very impressive!!

On a side note, we spent a bit of our practice time working on parade marching and I have to admit, they look amazing!! It’s only 36 kids, but I can guarantee it’s the only band that will have 100% in step for 75% of the time, at least!!

Still looking forward to a great summer!!

Upcoming performances: 6/25 Eagle Parade, 7/2 Kenosha All City Mass and Parade, 7/4 FOUR fourth of July Parades in one day!, 7/12 Bandshell Show before the POPS concert!