CYO BAND …………….

I know I’m your band director and everything, BUT still, THANK YOU for performing an AWESOME concert today! I felt like an audience member! I didn’t have to work .. I just showed up and enjoyed the music! That’s the greatest feeling as a band director! Even with the Mission: Impossible Theme … 4th grade through 13th grade all on one stage and I didn’t break a sweat! All of the bands sounded so great today! Beginners….. WOW! How far you have come! Haven’t really heard you since December – you guys really rocked today! Seriously, it was such a great concert all around …. Honors Band …. such an emotional concert! You are performing at a level that is very uncommon for your age. The slideshow was so amazing today because the music you performed really invoked all sorts of feeling! Eric would have been so honored! I love my job and feel so blessed to be able to work with you all. Keep up the good work … I love all of you!!!