A lazy Sat is just what I needed

A lot of people make comments about how active/busy/crazy I am…. always on the move, and always on an adventure.  That’s true, that’s totally me, but every now and then, I enjoy a day of nothing… absolutely nothing – and today was that day.

It was so bad that my fancy watch told me that I needed to go do something:


Also, there was some guilty looks coming from Toby, who was ready for a walk.  So, we did.  A nice long walk to shut my watch up, stop the glazes and fulfill my holiday streak commitment of at least one mile per day.

Other than that, I’ve been netflixing, writing my 1206 (air force stuff) and drinking ginger mimosas.  that’s 1/4 OJ, 1/4 ginger beer and 1/2 sparkling wine.  And these leftovers are delicious BTW.

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