70 mile Sunday Bike Ride!

We did it. A 70 mile bike ride from Vacaville, CA to Napa, CA.

It was about 30 miles each way and we decided to extend the ride just a little bit by stopping at the Heretic Brewery in Fairfield.

So, the ride is mostly flat heading out to Napa, you get to ride past some beautiful vineyards and through some windy roads that are only scary for part of the time. Most of the time, its just a nice ride. When you get to 121, however, that’s where the real climbing starts. It’s a lot of switchbacks which makes for an easier climb. Coming back however? Not so easy. We must have climbed for almost a solid hour — it’s like the road would never end. It was tiring and hot, but we made it. The downhills on both side were pretty exhilarating. I’ve never gone 30+ mph before on a bike — so I had to take it as slow as I safely could.

Overall, an awesome bike ride. Not too many crazy people out there on that road, but I can definitely see myself doing this ride a few more times before the big bike ride in September.