Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble: Helpful Hints and Rules

It’s that time of year again … Solo and Ensemble is just a week away! So, here are some suggestions for those getting ready for a wonderful day!

1. Rule: Practice your required introduction: “Good Morning/Afternoon. I/we am/are from ___________. (If applicable “My accompanist’s name is _______ .”) “I/we will be performing/playing movements/pages composed by _______ . An interesting aspect of this piece is ______________. (an aspect of style, form, technique,harmony, rhythm, melody, history, part interaction, etc.)

2. Rule: Number the measures in your music and in the judge’s music. Do you know where your judges copy is? In most cases you can use the piano part of a solo for the judge. People playing the same solo can share music, but be organized about it. Mr. Garza will check out a judges copy to you if you still need one. Never give a judge a photocopied part! PERIOD!

3. Hint: Wake-up Early, Get Organized, Arrive WAY ahead of time. Find the Warm-up area and use it to warm-up. People have ruined a lot of hard work by doing “dumb things” like waking-up at the last minute, rushing to the school, getting speeding tickets, trying to find a parking spot, running a quarter mile from their parking spot,falling down, not being able to find their room, trying to cram in a meal before a performance, etc. All because they forgot that “to be EARLY is to be on time.”

4. Hint: Dress for the respect that you, your judge, the audience, and the occasion deserve! This is not the to time to be dressing-down. NO jeans!

5. Hint: Practice with your ensemble or accompanist in a warm-up area. Performing music is a complex task requiring teamwork and preparation.

6. Rule & Hint: Bring all needed equipment (percussionists-no “borrowing” stuff from others), music, judges copies, etc.

7. Hint: If you instrument is working, don’t “fix it.” Leave well enough alone. Play onlyon broken-in reeds. Don’t change strings that day or the day before. Oil valves two days ahead of time.

8. Just Do It: TELL YOUR PARENTS THEY HAVE TO COME! You have worked hard at this! Your parents need to be there to show support – even if you only let them stand outside the door.

Good Luck!