Running without music

I just finished my second run with a new (to me) run group here in Vacaville, the Nitro Draught Racing team.  Despite giving me a reason to get out and run, it forces me to run with other people and challenges me in new ways.  

I did all of my marathon training alone.  And while I love and look forward to my solo runs there is something special about running with a team.  I’m convinced now that you need both in your life.

Another interesting perk is that when I’ve run with the group I’ve left my music at home.  I used to think that I NEED music to get through my runs but  learning that’s not true…. And like when cycling, it allows for another level of appreciation for what’s around during the run.  On a training note, it allows me to hear what’s going on with my feet…. I do a lot of shuffling and when I hear this, I can correct.  Lord knows how much shuffling I did during my marathon — so much wasted energy!!!

So hear’s to 2017 and to incorporating new ideas, new workouts and new friends into my fitness routines!

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