Ride #15: found an hour long break!

Today was a pretty busy day.  I’m in the middle of writing an Enlisted Performance Report (EPR) for one of my troops, which is a pretty extensive process.  It’s never really done, so the work is always there…  waiting for the next revision.  As soon as you write a good line (we call them bullets), you start to mess with it to make it even better.  The goal is to try to fit as much goodness in each line, by abbreviating words and adding extra context.  It really is a never-ending process.  On top of that, I have another superstar that I’m nominating for a quarterly award – that’s another form to fill out and more bullets.  This one is due tomorrow, aaaaaaaaand I’m just getting all the information I need to start writing it today.  #notenoughtime

So, the question is “WHEN DO I DO MY BIKE RIDE?!?!”  Can’t commute in to work because my Wednesday trumpet lessons start at 5:30pm.  Oh, and Toby had a vet appointment today at lunch, so I couldn’t ride back at lunch time either.

Fortunately, today was the science expo at the school, so two of my students needed to cancel their lessons which gave me an extra hour to ride.  #score

I commuted in, taught a few lessons, rode a few miles, taught some more and then rode home.

I love it when everything just works out perfectly.

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