#planksgiving day one (shanon)

Here we go!  Day one and I’m thankful for Shannon.  She is the one that brought this amazing challenge to me and I’m so excited to take part in this.  Planking for 3 minutes is not going to be easy by any means, but I’m excited to take some time out of every day to think about some of the things that I am most thankful for.  I’m so grateful to have everything I need (and more) in life and sometimes I let life’s challenges distract me from realizing all the good that makes up my life.  I know this will bring me back down and give me some perspective!

Back to Shanon….. I met her last summer when we rode our bikes on the TransAm route across the United States.  I was a segment rider, meaning I rode parts of the route, but Shanon was part of the team that rode the entire way.  She’s a fellow dog lover and is one of the most positive person I have ever met.  She’s just amazing.  She’s a strong rider and a kind soul.  I just love her to pieces!!  This summer, she rode as a segment rider for the Northern Tier and as a route leader for the Southern Tier.  If you’d like to get to know Shanon a little bit, check out her blog (warning:  it’s entertaining and addictive!).

Thank you Shanon!  I love Planksgiving!!!


Matt, Debbie and Shanon

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