#planksgiving day 9 (transamfam)

Adam, Alex, Amanda, Andrea, Bridget, Bryn, Damian, Debbie, Emily, Ernie, Griffin, Jeph, Joe, Kaylyn, Kelsey, Kip, Kristin, Sully, Libby, Mike P, Mike S, Nick, Olivia K, Olivia R, Robert, Shanon, Zach

This is about my Trans Am Family.  When I arrived in Virginia, I did not know a single person.  All of them were strangers, yet there was a strange buzz about everyone – not knowing what to expect.  I rode with them for two weeks and then had to leave to return to work but then was reunited in Telluride, CO for the last three weeks of riding.  We all become so close, sharing these wonderful and horrible experiences.  We all had our moods and we mostly knew what we all needed to help each other out.

I miss all of you!!  I’m thankful for all of you and what you taught me.  Some serious lessons happened that year.

#transam2016 <3

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