Marching Band Rehearsal #1

The recruiting season for marching band has officially begun! Students: Pick up your posters in the band room and hang them EVERYWHERE!

Here’s a quick recap to those that missed rehearsal:
Breathing Exercises
Tonight and A Few Good Men

Position of Attention – 5 points of alignment, posture
Parade Rest – Left foot moves out, shoulder width apart
Forward March – Left foot “peels” off the ground (Pull 2 3 4, Push 2 3 4, Touch 2 3 4)

Next rehearsal is Saturday, February 25, 2006 at 11am!

Jazz Band Update


I added High Maintenance to the CYO Jazz Band page.

GO GET IT and put it on your IPODS, Cell phones, Black Berries, Blue Berries, etc etc


Honors Band – Feb 9, 2006

Everything from the first CD was lost! I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve been having problems with the CD burner I’m recording to. I’m going to try bring the minidisc recorder on Thursday so that we’ll have a backup copy … just in case! I’m also going to try some new brand of CDs as well. All we have tonight is Noble Men.

Percussion still needs to work on keeping the beat steady.
Clarinets need to be louder .. especially in the trio.
Trumpets, we need to clean it up … if we want to go this tempo!
Trumpets at 1:05 AWESOME!! AWESOME!! AWESOME!!
Balance, balance, balance, BALANCE! Always an issue! This can be an easy thing to fix … always know WHO you should be listening to and how your part fits in with the other parts!
Style is getting more consistant! THANK YOU!
Dynamics are happening .. a little bit.
Woodwinds at the end, this is getting cleaner .. keep working on it!


Honors Band Rehearsal Clips

Here are the sound clips from last night’s rehearsal.

Please feel free to post your CONSTRUCTIVE comments and share your thoughts. We are not interested in this was good and this was bad (that’s evaluation) … we want OBSERVATION. “When the trumpets played the octave slurs it was smooth, however, their sounds were very forced when they played loud” is more helpful than “trumpets done good.” Just click on the speech bubble above for the comments section.

Sometimes I don’t hear everything that happens in rehearsal because a lot of thoughts are going through my mind (believe it or not). So, these recordings will allow me to listen to our rehearsals and make a list of things that I would like us to improve upon. I invite you (students) to do the same. Your suggestions are ALWAYS welcome! See you on Monday! Read more

Shades of Jazz Trumpet Duet

A couple of my students are playing this duet … called “Shades of Jazz” by Ben Reehl

With a little more time (and practice), the following video can be edited to become a full feature film! RIGHT!
Or, if the trumpet players could play, then no editing would be required. Go figure!

Here is the 45ish second VIDEO of a trumpet duet: (MLG and BEN)

Here is the 2 minuteish AUDIO of the trumpet duet: (MLG and MLG)
Click here for the 3 MB audio file .mp3

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