#planksgiving day sixteen (military)

Joining the military was one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my life.  Seriously.

I have a job that I absolutely love and they take care of me.  For real.  It is like an extended family and the benefits are seemingly endless.  They friendships I’ve made and the experiences I will cherish forever.  I am getting to live and travel to great places and I’m learning some really important skills.


#planksgiving day 14 (music)


It’s a huge part of my life because it’s my career.  I find that over the last few years, I’ve lost some of that passion and that upsets me.  But music still is a powerful force and I enjoy listening to new, unique tracks and LOVE it when my friends send me music to listen to.  Spotify is so good at throwing new tracks at me and I’m trying to do a better job of organizing all this new awesome music.

The next four years will be a bit of a change since music will become a hobby again instead of a career.  The challenge will be to find the balance between a demanding job, physical fitness, family and still keep my trumpet chops up.

#planksgiving day 13 (books)

Books bring me such joy!  Lately I’ve been on a cookbook high – for cooking, baking and cocktails.  So much good stuff out there.  I enjoy having the books on my shelf and there’s something about getting a recipe from a book rather than the internet – it’s just so old school.  Also, I think (hope) a little more thought goes into the book recipes rather than the internet – you know, *anyone* can post a recipe on the internet.

I hope to get back into reading actual books, but the only time I can read is at night and I usually am so wiped out that I fall asleep right when I start reading!  So, maybe a book club will get me back into reading.


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