Honors Band – Feb 9, 2006

Everything from the first CD was lost! I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve been having problems with the CD burner I’m recording to. I’m going to try bring the minidisc recorder on Thursday so that we’ll have a backup copy … just in case! I’m also going to try some new brand of CDs as well. All we have tonight is Noble Men.

Percussion still needs to work on keeping the beat steady.
Clarinets need to be louder .. especially in the trio.
Trumpets, we need to clean it up … if we want to go this tempo!
Trumpets at 1:05 AWESOME!! AWESOME!! AWESOME!!
Balance, balance, balance, BALANCE! Always an issue! This can be an easy thing to fix … always know WHO you should be listening to and how your part fits in with the other parts!
Style is getting more consistant! THANK YOU!
Dynamics are happening .. a little bit.
Woodwinds at the end, this is getting cleaner .. keep working on it!