DOR 5 *64 miles*

Today was crazy.  My legs are still feeling the burn from yesterday but we just get on our bikes and ride.  I’m feeling pretty good regardless and I’m excited for tomorrow.  45 miles to Blacksburg (our shortest day yet!) and a special stop for breakfast in the morning 🙂


Today we got up early and put on our rain gear since we had to ride through a cold front.  I’ve NEVER ridden in a down pour before….. now I have.  It was so much fun!  I love riding in the rain!  

We made good time and then we headed for a fundraiser at a local brewery where a dollar for every beer went to our organization.  I won’t tell you how much I brought in tonight 🙂

I was on Joe’s team for corn hole.   We barely lost game 1 and then kicked butt in game two.  Then the brewery closed.

Today I didn’t eat as much as other days, even counting the (I won’t tell you how many) slices of pizza tonight.

Another great day on the bike.  Time for bed so we can get up and do it all over again tomorrow!!