Day 9

Your energy is contagious, make sure yours is worth catching.

Negative energy is contagious. As you are on your transformation journey, make a priority to surround yourself with positivity.  When you see the negative coming your way, protect yourself with a glowing light of confidence and say “No, thank you.”

I know what you may be thinking… easier said than done but remember… positivity starts and ends with you. You are in control.

Are you living with a positive attitude? Are you checking in with your thoughts or are you ignoring them?

Day 9 Challenge:

  • How do you overcome negative energy and unexpected challenges?
  • Identify a time in your past when you were able to turn a negative situation or circumstance in to a positive. As you go through the day, pay attention to your surroundings. If you hear or see something negative, reflect on how you were able to change a negative to a positive in the past and then write down how you can change what is happening around you into a positive.

Day 9 Exercise:

SHAUN WEEK: Ripsanity