Day 54/24 – to Eureka, NV

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a pretty strong rider.  I’ve loved every second of riding since I started back in 2014 to train for my first Bike MS:  Waves to Wine ride for my Aunt Alba.  I’m usually not one to stick with a training plan or keep myself motivated to do things for long periods of time but thanks to my friend, Christy, I can’t imagine going an extended amount of time without biking.  I’m not particularly fast by any means but I can ride and ride for hours at a time.  It’s not that I don’t get tired, because I do.  A lot.  VERY tired.  It’s natural.  On this trip, we ride for about 6-8 hours a day.  That’s crazy!  However, I’ve never had the problem of being mentally and physically worn out like I have the last couple of days.

I’m not sure what hit me last night, but I hit a wall.  I’m sure it had nothing to do with McDonald’s, that shit was delicious, except for the quarter pounder, that meat is … questionable.  But I got back to camp, did some laundry and that was it.  I was done.  I ate dinner #2, which was graciously provided by a nice lady some team members met in town the day before, and then fell asleep…. hard.   Slept in my hammock all night, under the beautiful Nevada stars… and it was cold – and I loved it.

I must have slept about 10 hours last night, ready to bust through this wall and get on with the ride.  But, almost immediately after starting today’s ride, I felt it again.  I even dosed off a bit at the first rest stop… It was a tough day.  81 miles in the blistering heat, another team mate commented that you could see the heat waves in the headlights of the approaching cars….  geez.  It was HOT out there.  But, despite the heat and the tiredness, I made it through another long day on the bike.  Finished in downtown Eureka and hit the local bar for a burger, some tots, and a couple of Coronas.  Our camp is a church about 18 miles off route, so the route leaders shuttled us to the church where I immediately passed out in the corner, almost missing dinner.

I gotta get it together!  Three more days in Nevada and then we are in the home stretch of California.  Once we get to Carson City, it will be my second time on the route, and I can’t wait.  So much to be grateful and happy about.