Day 4

Living Your Best Life | Week 1 | Day 4

This is day 4 and it’s time to dig deeper. Remember that most people stop running when they pass the finish line but that’s not you, you’re different than most people. Together, we’re going to train our minds to believe that we can achieve.

Day 4 Challenge: 

Remember a time when you were successful.

How did it make you feel?

What resistance did you have to overcome in order to feel success?

What did it take for you to accomplish this?

Reflect on how you were able to remind yourself of this moment because that is where you gained your strength and you can always reclaim it.

Day 4 Exercise:

INSANITY Asylum Vol. 2: Upper Elite

NOTE: This workout includes weights. Take it easy and modify as necessary. All that matters is that you show up, every minute of the workout. Be present and give 100%.

Part 2

You are elite. Believe it. Own it.