Day 21

Today is a very fun day because we are celebrating only 10 days left of your 30 day transformation. Today is a day that you get to have a 15% fun meal. Don’t get it twisted — this doesn’t mean that you can have an entire meal of craziness. It means you can have a dessert, maybe you split it with someone or maybe save half of it for another time.

10 days to go!

Day 21 Challenge:

Write down a goal that you have for 10 days after this challenge is over. You do not want to stop at the finish line you want to go 10 meters further.

Day 21 Exercise:

Today is your day. Treat yourself to something that makes you happy, instead of time you’d normally dedicate to exercise. Maybe this means a swim, a long walk, a phone call with a friend or something else that brings you joy.