Day 15

You are halfway through this 30 day transformation journey.

Now that you have trust in yourself, I’m willing to bet you can start to believe that you can do this.

If you made it this far you can finish it. Are you working hard? Are you believing? Are you envisioning your greatness? If you are keep going but if you are not, then you must dig deeper. You must trust and believe in who you are.

Day 15 Challenge: 

I want you to journal 15 moments or experiences that you want to have over the next 15 days. It can be celebrating going full out in a workout, having coffee with a friend or even just getting a good night’s sleep.

Make a plan to push through the second half of this journey.  It’s easy to lose steam in the second half – but you got this.

Finish strong and ask yourself what else do you want to accomplish. Journal 3 more goals.


Day 15 Exercise: