Day 11

Today is about differentiating between excuses and reasons and building a strong foundation.

Excuses crush goals. They can be tools of incompetence. There is a difference between reasons and excuses.

Reasons are things that have merit. “There is a reason I couldn’t run because I sprained my ankle.”

Not running because it’s drizzling outside is an excuse. If something happens in your life and you cannot go right then you have to go left. There is always a way for you to succeed.

Day 11 Challenge: 

  • Describe a past circumstance or struggle that motivates you to succeed today. What excuses could you have made to keep you from achieving your goals (but you didn’t)?  What kept you from holding onto those excuses?
  • Write down a promise to yourself to remember that your excuses are not a good enough reason to miss achieving your goals.
  • Bonus: Put this somewhere you can access it when you think about skipping out on your commitment. Maybe your background on your phone or in a reminder or notes app on your phone.

Day 11 Exercise:

INSANITY Asylum Vol. 1: Strength