Running without music

I just finished my second run with a new (to me) run group here in Vacaville, the Nitro Draught Racing team.  Despite giving me a reason to get out and run, it forces me to run with other people and challenges me in new ways.  

I did all of my marathon training alone.  And while I love and look forward to my solo runs there is something special about running with a team.  I’m convinced now that you need both in your life.

Another interesting perk is that when I’ve run with the group I’ve left my music at home.  I used to think that I NEED music to get through my runs but  learning that’s not true…. And like when cycling, it allows for another level of appreciation for what’s around during the run.  On a training note, it allows me to hear what’s going on with my feet…. I do a lot of shuffling and when I hear this, I can correct.  Lord knows how much shuffling I did during my marathon — so much wasted energy!!!

So hear’s to 2017 and to incorporating new ideas, new workouts and new friends into my fitness routines!

A lazy Sat is just what I needed

A lot of people make comments about how active/busy/crazy I am…. always on the move, and always on an adventure.  That’s true, that’s totally me, but every now and then, I enjoy a day of nothing… absolutely nothing – and today was that day.

It was so bad that my fancy watch told me that I needed to go do something:


Also, there was some guilty looks coming from Toby, who was ready for a walk.  So, we did.  A nice long walk to shut my watch up, stop the glazes and fulfill my holiday streak commitment of at least one mile per day.

Other than that, I’ve been netflixing, writing my 1206 (air force stuff) and drinking ginger mimosas.  that’s 1/4 OJ, 1/4 ginger beer and 1/2 sparkling wine.  And these leftovers are delicious BTW.

Day 49/20 to Panguitch, UT

94 freaking miles.  This is the sixth day in a row of riding and it feels like it.  

Another day of nearly 6000 feet of elevation gains but so beautiful and so worth it.

A few highs:

  • We rode Hog’s Back right out of the gate. This is a road with a cliff on each side that drops at least 1000 feet down.  Talk about a rush!
  • Red Canyon – on the outskirts of Bryce Canyon is a bike path that parallels Hwy 12, which we’ve spent the last few days on.  All downhill, fast and full of beautiful scenery.
  • Rain – we had clouds and rain this moring which kept us cool during our long climbs 
  • Grand Staircase -the top of rest stop two!  

Utah is a crazy place.  So much beauty but the scenery changes so much even in the course of one day.
I’m amazed at how much ground we can cover in one day with very little complaining (if any at all) from the team.

Today….  58 miles to Cedar City and a rest day tomorrow!




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