Bike ITALY for MS!


Check out my 2017 route here!

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I joined Bike the US for MS in 2015 when I rode the final 250+ miles of the cross country bike ride from Carson City, NV to San Francisco, CA.  In 2016, I decided to up the miles and ride in two segments:  from Yorktown, VA to Berea, KY and from Telluride, CO to San Francisco, CA.  That was over 2,000 miles!

Bike the US for MS organizes cross country bike trips that raise awareness for multiple sclerosis research & volunteer for patients. These tours follow America’s most traveled cross-country routes and combine an important cause with an incredible experience. Ride a segment or from coast to coast! Proceeds will support research and treatment and fund home modification projects across the United States.

This summer, I will hit the roads as a self-contained cyclist.  That means, that I ride alone without the convenience of a support team or other riders.  This means that I can choose any route that I’d like to ride.  So, with that in mind, I have decided to ride across Italy.  That’s right!  One trip will take me from Rome to Porto San Giorgio, which is the home of my Aunt Alba.  The return trip will take me from Porto San Giorgio to Naples.  That’s a little more than 400 miles roundtrip!

Thank you to everyone that donated towards this huge ride!  Together we raised over $4,000!