My 1st ride with Davis Bike Club – What did you say??

31.1 mile with the Davis Bike Club this morning!

Overall it was a great ride. I started out pretty anti social, just hanging in the back of the group to get a feel for the ride. Turns out the group took off at the start and left 5 of us hanging in the back. The ride leader was part of the back group. I hung for a bit, waited to see if anyone wanted to start chatting and then took off and caught up with a nice lady that was caught up between the fast and slow groups. I determined really quickly that I have a hard time talking to people when riding. Must be the hearing loss or something, but when the wind kicks up I just can’t hear what people are saying.

As much as I like meeting new people, on a bike is just not the way for me. Unfortunately I probably just come off as being rude.

We got to the break spot, Steady Eddy’s which is a coffee shop that is overrun by bikers on the weekend. It was packed. We ended up staying there for about an hour. I met some cool people that were out on a ride and then met up with the rest of the group. The fast group just left and the others were hanging out for a bit, but it was getting to be a bit too much. So I volunteered to leave and a rider said he’d go with me… he was ready to leave as well. Turns out he was awesome and pushed me to ride my top speed. He’s been riding for 6 years and the bike club helped him get faster overall — now he’s on the race team. So, I think the bike club will be a good thing for me and help me get in shape for the big ride in Sept!!