Tuesday morning spin…. 4am comes early, that’s when I get up and get moving to get down to the Heights for my 5:15am class. These 45 minute classes are no joke, because it goes by so fast, there is little time for recovery! work work work, pedal pedal pedal!

This class has a three song warm up, followed by speed work and then a hefty climb portion. We wrap it up with a nice endurance ride to use up whatever little energy is left in the tank!

My classes have some rules:
Believe in yourself
You make the rules
Conquer your goals
Push your limits
Experience life
Exceed all expectations

All I Want

“I want to grow with you, see how much we can thrive together.

I want to help you fight for your dreams and see them come to life.

I want to be there for you, when it all seems like too much, I want to be the voice that reminds you of hope.

I want to make you smile and laugh, to experience joy every day.

I want to be real with you, to open myself and lay down my armor.

I want quiet nights filled with sweet nothings.

I want days filled with you, and I want to continue seeing you, in your weakest or in your strongest, I want to be there with you.”


I hope

I hope you find someone who smiles at you every time you walk in the door. Who finds beauty in your scars. I hope you find someone who never leaves you guessing. Someone who lets you know for certain how they always feel about you. I hope you find someone who never hesitates to love you. Who doesn’t just give you pieces of their time but it’s entirety. I hope you find someone who knows just how special you really are. How your soul needs to be loved. I hope you find someone who is your biggest supporter. Who doesn’t just seek attention but gives it in return. But mostly, I hope you find all of these things in yourself first so that you can be ready for this type of love.

~Natalie Peralta ♥️☝🏻. –


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